Sunset Aura Spirit Quartz Cluster

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Gorgeous High-quality Sunset Aura Spirit Quartz Self-Standing cluster


Crystal Properties:

Sunset Aura is a bright pink-orange aura quartz, the result of permanent bonding of Iridium and 14k gold with clear quartz. To me, this rare gem is the quintessential stone of love, and not just any love, but a Universal love that transcends all. Activating your heart and sacral chakras on the deepest level, this gemstone will wrap you in a warm blanket of radiant loving energy. Whether you have suffered from heart break in the past or just have a hard time accepting and trusting others, Sunset Aura Quartz melts the boundaries and will open you to receive the healing love and creative energies you have been longing for. In addition to compassionate healing, Sunset Aura Quartz calms the mind, and assists in releasing worry, fear, anxiety, and trauma endured in the past. It’s time to release that which blocks you from receiving the love you deserve! Let the magic, the colors, the energies of this special stone lift your spirits and heal your soul.