Green Tree Witch Ball

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Gorgeous Hand-blown glass with a tree design inside.  String from atop a window in your home for a lovely piece of decor... read on to see how a Witch Ball was originated and can be used!

A witch ball is a hollow sphere of colored glass traditionally used as a fishing float. Modern witches balls are decorative replicas. Some are made to look like Christmas tree baubles that contain a few thin fibers strung inside. 

The witch ball originated among cultures where harmful magic and those who practiced it were feared. They are one of many folk practices involving objects for protecting the household. The word witch ball may be a corruption of watch ball because it was used to ward off, guard against, evil spirits. They may be hung in an eastern window, placed on top of a vase or suspended by a cord (as from the mantelpiece or rafters). They may also be placed on sticks in windows or hung in rooms where inhabitants wanted to ward off evil.