About us

In 2014, I started to collect crystals for myself, learning about them scientifically, physically and also using them metaphysically on a personal level.

Eventually, I decided to try creating jewelry with them. That became a huge success with friends and family, so I started selling publicly.  Once I realized how happy it made others to find the crystals they needed on their journey through life, it made my soul SING!

Customer satisfaction is my NUMBER ONE priority. I strive for fast shipping times, to provide affordable crystals and to create unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry for every soul.

Located in Ortonville, Michigan, I operate out of my own home - in the basement, which has been dubbed The Crystal Moon Cave!  I also work full time for an Advertising Agency as a Product Specialist. 

Live Crystal Auctions and Flash Sales take place on my Instagram Account three days out of the week.  Stop by, check out the current schedule and give me a follow if you're interested. Hope to see you there!

  • Instagram: @crystal_moon__
  • Facebook: facebook.com/crystalmooncave/
  • Contact Email: crystalmooncave@gmail.com

 A HUGE shout out goes to my loving, supportive husband, George for letting me take up the entire basement with my work station, shipping table and never-ending SPARKLES.

Love & Light,

Jen @ Crystal Moon